Best Dessert Recipe: KAJU KI BARFI (Cashew Nuts)

Best Dessert Recipe: KAJU KI BARFI (Cashew Nuts)India is famous for its cuisine as well as dessert which is very tasty and delicious. Some special food of India namely biryani, gulam jamun, tikka masala and ki Kaju Barfi.

How to make Kaju KI Barfi is very easy and simple,Ingredients use, namely cashew nuts utam and milk. The following recipe makes Ki Kaju Barfi.

Ingredients Of Kaju Ki Barfi:

  • 250 gm cashew nuts
  • 250 gm (1 cup) sugar
  • 240 gm (1 cup) milk
  • Few silver leaves – for decoration (optional)
  • A greased plate to set the barfee in

How to Make Kaju ki Barfi:

  1. Blend cashews and milk in a blender to a fine paste.

  2. Mix paste and sugar and cook over low heat stirring till the sugar dissolves, then bring to a boil.

  3. Continue stirring over medium heat, till the mixture leaves the sides of the pan, and becomes a dough like paste.

  4. Remove from heat and when cool enough to handle, roll it on to a greased surface, with a greased rolling pin (roll before it cools).5.Roll to 1/4cm / 1/8″ thickness.

  5. Now cover with the silver leaf and leave to cool, then cut into diamond shaped pieces.

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