baking birthday very easy, especially with color variation on each section of the bagel. Rainbow birthday cake alternative for families at home. Here’s how to make a rainbow cake:


4 eggs
1 tbsp sp
150 gr granulated sugar
150 gr flour trigu
1/2 tsp vanilla/esense vanilli
1 liquid milk
40 gr of milk powder
1/2 tsp baking powder dauble action
150 ml cooking oil
1 coconut milk


Mix the eggs and sugar until salt flat sp input mixer with high speed up to where the White
Input of flour baking powder vanilla esense stir coconut milk add fresh milk to mix with a spatula stir the oil and then add back until well mixed
NB before her heat the steamer with at alasi dishcloth

Prepare the containers for the dough into 5 colors
Input the dough in a baking dish that is already in the oil and grease in the bread lightly coat the paper don’t brush fringe brass with oil to avoid shrinkage of the dough with a gradual, broiled per color for 7 minutes and then input the next color dough do Repeat until batter is steamed last 15 minutes

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